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Jual & Beli Lampu LED Explosion Proof

Price:USD 1,800.00 - 2,400.00 / Pieces (nego)
Minumum Order:1 Pieces
Quantity Order: Add to Basket
Payment Method:Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)
Pack. & Delivery:standard packaging
Origin:United States

Killark LED Series fixtures are designed for installations where moisture, dirt, dust, corrosion and vibration may be present, or
NEMA 3 and 4x areas where wind,
water, snow or high ambients can be
expected. Our Lampu LED Explosion Proof Lighting Indonesia can be used in locations made hazardous due to the presence of flammable or explosive gases,
vapors and combustible dusts as
defined by the NEC.
Applications of Killark Lampu LED Explosion Proof Lighting Indonesia include classified areas
such as paint manufacturing plants,
ammunition facilities, oil and gas producing and refining plants, off-shore
and dockside installations, tank farms,
pipeline pumping stations and marine
loading and fuel transfer terminals.

Typical applications include manufacturing plants, and certain chemical and
petrochemical processing facilities, sewage treatment plants, off-shore and
dockside installations, garages and storage facilities.
• UL-8750 for LED lighting
• UL Marine type lighting fixtures ( HID
models) UL-844 Standard for lighting
fixtures for hazardous locations,
Class I, Division 2; Class II, Divisions
1 and 2; Class III
• CSA C22.2 no. 137-M1981 electric luminaries for use in hazardous locations
• Enclosed and gasketed
• NEMA 3, 4X
• Ballast tank, splice box and cast guards corrosion resistant copper-free
aluminum alloy
• Baked powder epoxy/ polyester finish, electrostatically applied for complete,
uniform corrosion protection
• All external hardware - stainless steel
• Reflectors - Polyester reinforced fiberglass LED Luminaire Features and Standards
• Reduced profile with Traditional Industrial Appearance and Suitability
• Wide variety of optics including globes, globes with reflectors, all-glass refractors, and spin-top refractors
• Swing-Barrel Nut patented tank mounting system
• Optional Mounting arrangements including Pendant, Wall, Ceiling, Stanchion and others
• VM1L LED Housings can be retrofitted to existing VM splice boxes; upgrade
from HID sources
• Energy Savings - less than 50 Watts of Power
• Long Life - 50, 000 - 55, 000 maintenance free hours to 70% initial lumens
• Crisp White Light for Excellent Color Rendering - Chromaticity 5000° K ( CCT) ; 70 CRI
• Ambient suitability -40° C to 55° C
• Instant on - including after power interruption
• “ World Voltage” 120-277VAC 50/ 60Hz
• Solder-LESS LED Board Connections –
Vibration Resistant
• Dual Drivers - Redundant Systems ( built-in
backup) , or for additional energy savings
half of VM1L4530 can be turned off
• LM80-08* Measurement of lumen
maintenance for LED light sources
• LM79-08* Certified “ Absolute” Photometry,
including Chromaticity Color for Solid
State Lighting
• L70 Values - Industry Nomenclature for
Hours of use to 70% of Initial Lumens

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