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Lampu Sorot ( Tembak) Explosion Proof

Price:USD 395.00 - 700.00 / Pieces (nego)
Minumum Order:1 Pieces
Quantity Order: Add to Basket
Payment Method:Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)
Pack. & Delivery:standard packaging
Origin:United States

The Evolution II from Chalmit takes the unique Evolution features to a newlevel with greatly improved photometric performance by means of an asymmetric reflector system which gives increased light distribution, coupled with the low glare attributes associated with this type of reflector. As with the original Evolution there are no exposed flameproof paths.
The ATEX category 2 G D luminaire utilises Ex de protectionand IP66/ 67 sealing making it suitable for use for explosive gas and dust applications. The Evolution can be used a standard with up to 400W HID lamps or increased to 600W
with a separate Ex e control gear box.
The protection is Ex de for ignitable gas applications and is dust excluding IP6X for use in ignitable dust applications.
The ATEX Categories are 2 G and 2 D. Lamps up to 400W can be used and extended up to 600W with a separate
Ex e control gear box.
Explosion protection for gas group IIB is standard and is
suitable for ambient temperatures up to 55° C.

The asymmetric reflector design enables the light beam to be thrown forward for long distance
lighting and concurrently assuring that the lighting below the pole or mounting location is also
effectively lit without having to tilt the floodlight at high aiming angles.
The typical tilting angle of the floodlight can therefore be kept at 0° or to a maximum tilt angle
of 20° . This allows a higher Utilization Factor for the floodlighting scheme to be achieved with
reduced glare and light pollution, when compared to a conventional symmetrical floodlight.
As less of the light output is being lost, photometric efficiency or
the amount of light emitted is greater.
This efficient and effective light distribution makes the Evolution II ideally suited to
a range of applications including:
• Tank Farms
• Aircraft Hangers
• Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms
• Security and Perimeter Lighting
• Sewage Treatment Plants
• Drum Storage Areas
• Gas Pumping Stations
• Distilleries

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